Corporate relations

Corporate relations

Corporate relations

ENSIM works closely and actively with people in industry and research.

A series of sponsor schemes, placements, and project studies and implementations provide training for future engineers whilst remaining attentive to the skills sought by companies and research laboratories.

J'ENSIM is a junior company that carries out work for external industrial partners. It enables students to do paid work in the school’s skill areas.


Each student is followed by an industrial sponsor who introduces them to the way their company operates.

This approach builds up the industrial sponsor’s awareness of the schools teaching areas and partnership opportunities.

In addition to this, each year-group is mentored by an alumnus with a distinguished career record.


Students carry out placements of a minimum of 28 weeks, progressing from a position as an operative (4 weeks minimum in the 1st year) to project management (final 6-month placement in the 3rd year).


Over the 3 years, 300 hours are devoted to projects. In the 1st year these involve explaining science for non-specialists, communication, and work with associations, moving on to projects based on the needs of industry and research laboratories (in the 2nd and 3rdyears) such as:

  • Instrumentation for a car prototype;
  • Acoustics of musical instruments;
  • 3D acoustic imaging;
  • Fabrication of a millimetric microphone;
  • Entry for the French robotics championship;
  • Quality approach in metrology;
  • 3D optical measures by fringe projection;
  • Monitoring of hospital patient’s walking via embedded system;
  • Controlling a robot using an i-phone;
  • Home automation, multimodal control system (voice, gesture) for home environment;
  • Mobility, design of service application using tactile interface;
  • Decision-making, study for supervision interface;
  • Task assistance, fabrication of companion software.
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