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Our engineering training is based on cutting-edge research via the involvement of all members of staff in the University’s CNRS-affiliated research teams. They work on the great challenges facing the competitiveness clusters and on French and European research projects: the vehicles of the future, complex composite materials, sensitive materials for chemical detection (polluting gases) and biological detection (prion proteins, etc.), thermo-acoustics, automatic speech and text translation, computer-aided learning environments, etc.

Students undertake projects and placements which bring them into contact with research activities thanks to the presence of several laboratories in the ENSIM buildings (vibrations and acoustics, optical measurement and control, micro-technologies, functional surfaces). This greatly encourages industry-focused scientific studies.



Université du Maine Acoustics Laboratory (LAUM)


 Laboratory of Polymers, Colloidals and Interfaces (P.C.I)

 Université du Maine IT Laboratory (LIUM)

Pôle manceau du Centre de Recherche en Éducation de Nantes (CREN)   




 R& D Consultant

 2001 year-group

 After various roles in applied research (sound synthesis, 3D animation), I am currently managing a multi-disciplinary development team working on Aldebaran-Robotics’ Nao project.

 The aim of this project is to create a 57-cm humanoid robot to serve and entertain its owners. This robot is also used by ENSIM students in practicals and in their projects.