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Teaching methods


The first three semesters (1st year and first half of the 2nd year) provide students with grounding in elements specific to engineering culture, enable them to acquire core scientific skills, as well as starting to prepare them for their subsequent specialisation. Engineering students encounter the world of work during a four- to ten-week placement as a worker or technician.

The next two semesters provide students with the specific technical knowledge for their chosen option. Students also perfect skills specific to engineering (management, quality, managing innovation, company culture, projects). During this part of their studies students may go on an industrial placement or else study abroad.

The last stage of study is a final six-month industrial placement enabling engineering students to familiarise themselves with the demands of their profession.



50% of supervised coursework is devoted to practicals (700 hours) and projects (300 hours). ENSIM also has an IT pool that is permanently open to students. Our teaching and industrial equipment includes thermographic cameras, a sonic reverberation measuring chamber, a wind turbine generator and generating set, a laser holography platform, a robotics project room, a controlled atmosphere micro-technology room, a language laboratory, an online learning platform, a tactile terminals room, peripherals with movement sensors, interactive whiteboards, and a humanoid robot.



For core syllabus taught modules (communication, company culture), practicals, and projects, coursework is designed to encourage students to work together.



The school is committed to ensuring students receive the correct supervision, with appropriate class sizes for taught classes (24 maximum) and practicals (12 maximum).

More flexible teaching and tutoring is available for specific purposes. From the beginning of their studies, students receive continuous support.



It is important for students to get involved in extra-curricular activities and find their place in the social life at the school. These social life and interaction projects are set up on the initiative of students and create a close-knit school community. They promote relations between year-groups and specialisations, and enable students to get involved in outside activities together. They can be included within the annual assessment for the attribution of additional marks.



ENSIM is at the heart of the campus and students can make the most of all the shared facilities the Université du Maine has to offer, such as its university library, electronic learning systems, cultural and sporting activities, student clubs, and medical and social services.