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ENSIM is an engineering school, and a member of the Archimède Group and the French Engineering School Conference of Directors (CDEFI). 

It recruits students having successfully completed their first two years of higher education with a grounding in scientific culture and an open-minded approach to their environment.

The training is based on the quality of support and assistance provided by recognized research-active staff.

ENSIM is a centre for student life. It seeks to establish a genuine, close-knit year-group, with social relations being further enhanced by people’s diverse backgrounds and international origins.

Business partnerships (sponsors, work placements, and projects) enable students to start their professional career.

Active alumni support facilitates the employment of recent graduates.

ENSIM offers two 2 specialisations, each with two options:

Vibrations, Acoustics, Sensors

 > Vibrations, Acoustics (VA) to improve vibratory and acoustic comfort.

 > Systems and Processes for the Measurement and the Instrumentation (SPMI) to devise intelligent measuring systems.

Computer Science

  > Architecture of Real-Time and Embedded Systems (ASTRE) to develop embedded software and smart devices. 

  > Person-System Interaction (IPS) to invent tomorrow’s digital society.



  • 3-year course running from 3rd to 5th year of higher education

• Masters’ degree in Engineering, accredited by the French Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (CTI)  

 • EUR-ACE European quality label  



 • The school is part of the Université du Maine and benefits from all its facilities

 • Underpinned by internationally recognized research laboratories in acoustics, optics, micro-technologies, IT, chemistry, physics, etc.

 • Total enrolment fees (including social security contributions): in 2009, €800 standard, €50 for recipients of a French State grant



 • Founded in 1995

 • Over 500 qualified engineers

 • 70 students per year

 • 26 permanent staff

 • Over 80 supernumerary staff from industry

 • 10 administrative and technical staff

  • 12 rooms for practicals 

 • 1 cleanroom

 • 1 testing hall


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